Officer Steve

Officer Steve has been proud to serve on his local HOA Code Enforcement Squad since founding the force in 1999 alongside officer Jeff. After several years of uncompensated volunteer work, the team was officially recognized by the HOA Board and now receives a salary and a budget. This allowed for substantial renovations to the office, currently located in the closet of Officer Jeff’s mother’s house. Officer Steve loves the community of West Higley and strongly believes that it is the best place to live in the East Valley thanks to the tireless efforts of the HOA Police. Officer Steve is interested in the ways new technologies can improve enforcement, including using google earth to detect unauthorized backyard structures (“tree-houses”), hacking into bank accounts to collect unpaid dues, and lethal autonomous robots. He is also interested in the woman smoking a cigarette who hangs out by the mailbox in the evenings. If you are that woman, please call his cell phone number after work hours (see official posting on mailbox for number).

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